The Beer Shoppe T-shirts

I designed these T-shirts for a local business in Ardmore, PA.


It went through many different versions. It had started out as a single pint glass with a nuclear explosion and eventually morphed into this logo. We messed around with tons of color combinations before settling on the shirts you see below.

image1 image2

The Beer Shoppe has an amazing selection of craft beers(and domestic as well). Go check them out and pick up a 6 pack or growler of something they have on tap(I picked up a growler of Bear Republic Racer 5 just yesterday).



Been awhile since I did a new TMNT character for the #TMNTDRAWINGCLUB so I thought I would come back into it with a more obscure character named Bellybomb. He isn’t all that well known except for to fans of the Archie comic produced back in the 90’s. He is a war criminal from Dimension X who is friends with Slash and Krang. Hope you like it!