Blood Money at Sto’s

Got a chance to throw up the Blood Money skull at Sto’s Old City Beer Garden in Old City Philly yesterday. Been 16 years since I picked up a spray can but I’m happy with the end result.


Here are a couple pics I found on Instagram of people chilling in front of the piece:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.14.46 AM

Also, since I always love when other artists post their #WIP shots I will as well:

I want to do more of this kind of stuff now, anyone have a blank wall I could borrow?




Stale as Hell

Samuel Adams just released a new beer called Fresh as Helles and it looks eerily similar to my illustration for Conshohocken Brewing Company I did over a year ago. Here is the new Sam Adams beer:


My friends who brought it to my attention swear its a total rip off, I myself don’t really have an opinion. It seems super strange to me and I certainly feel that the design/art is not Fresh as Hell, but thats about it. I mean, it could be that someone got the idea from my illustration or it could be that someone just had a similar idea roughly a year after Blood Money came out, no way to really ever know. Either way, the Universe is strange.


Either way, Blood Money is coming back out real soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of that super tasty juice!!! I’m gonna try Fresh as Helles as soon as I see it around as well.

Philly (324)

I drew a bunch of row homes today… then started to think that they looked a lot like row homes in Philly. Makes sense that they would since I grew up around the Philly area.

I then decided to throw the drawing into Photoshop and make it look a little more like Philly. I made this sketchy looking thing:

Any body else out there from Philly?

Tim Barry (272)

I went to see Tim Barry in Philadelphia last night. It was a great show. Thanks Pat Woods and Liz Hoffmann for the ticket and awesome company!
Tim Barry plays what I would probably call folky country of sorts. If you haven’t heard him before make sure to look him up.

Just saying… (255)

One of the things people say about “Hipsters”.
These days no-one and everyone is a hipster all at the same time.
Depending on who you ask, they might think you are one also.

Say cheese! (248)

The other day my wife found my Cannon Rebel 2000 in the closet of our house. I had been looking for that thing for almost a year. I bought it way back in 2000 or 2001 when it was about $800.00, ughhhhh now I wish I had a nice digital SLR… but I don’t. The sad thing is that no one wants an old film camera anymore. I still plan to use it soon though. After we found the camera it gave me the idea to draw someone taking a picture. I didn’t get around to drawing it till today though. Here it is:

Also, since we are on the subject of photography be sure to check out my friend Sarah’s website. (
She is a photographer from the Philadelphia area and she has some really great work posted on her website!

Cannoli’s (245)

I went to the Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia with my wife today. It was a ton of fun (it always is). So much food, good beer, and the best part… Cannoli.