Happy Holidays!



Punky Pete

New design up for sale on my Society 6 store. For a limited time you can get free shipping and $5.00 off any item! Check out the link here: http://society6.com/Thecrayonwar?promo=0ccf4b

punkheadpeter punkheadpetergreen punkheadpeterred

The deal only lasts until April 13th so make your purchases soon! You can get this on all kinds of items like prints, tote bags and pillows.

Death Comes Ripping

I was listening to the Misfits a couple nights ago and Death Comes Ripping came on. I put this illustration together, the song always reminded me of some kind of a winged death swooping down. I put the design up on my shop. You can buy it on all kinds of things like pillows/shirts etc. There is also FREE SHIPPING until August 10th at midnight!


Pizza Party!

pizza party pillow

It’s a Pizza Party! If you like Pizza and parties this would probably make an awesome throw pillow for your couch! Luckily for you it is for sale with a bunch of other things over at Society 6, here is the link to my store with free shipping! There is a promo running until AUGUST 10th at MIDNIGHT in which you can get free shipping!

Take a look at some of the other awesome stuff I have for sale:

stuffforsale stuffforsale2

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled cause I will be adding stuff all the time!

Thanks for checking it out!



What’s Going On?

My first entry of 2014. Go check out Thecrayonwar.com for all my other art, I’m going to stick with using this blog for my comic for the time being. I put so many rules and limitations on myself when doing my drawing a day project that it will be real nice to do something with no guidelines in place. Hope you enjoy the comic/journal!


I haven’t posted anything recently so I thought I should. I have been making less of my own original art recently and just been cutting band logo/stencils to decorate my garage with. My wife saw a few of the stencil work in the garage and asked if I would make somthing for her freind who is really into Ska music. Here is what I turned out:
ska-guy-sprayI Got the stencil from Stencilpunks.com. I made the checkered pattern stencil in the back though. Hope you like it! Go check out Stencilpunks.com for a ton of awesome stencils or check out the hashtag #stencilpunks on Instagram.

Ska Ska Ska

Made these two quick drawings up so that I can make some prints out of them.
Once I get these printed up and framed I’ll post more pictures up here.

Pink Skull

Click to view larger
A pink skull painting I did on a block of carved wood.
It was a gift for one of my wife’s friends.
Mixed Media