Stale as Hell

Samuel Adams just released a new beer called Fresh as Helles and it looks eerily similar to my illustration for Conshohocken Brewing Company I did over a year ago. Here is the new Sam Adams beer:


My friends who brought it to my attention swear its a total rip off, I myself don’t really have an opinion. It seems super strange to me and I certainly feel that the design/art is not Fresh as Hell, but thats about it. I mean, it could be that someone got the idea from my illustration or it could be that someone just had a similar idea roughly a year after Blood Money came out, no way to really ever know. Either way, the Universe is strange.


Either way, Blood Money is coming back out real soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of that super tasty juice!!! I’m gonna try Fresh as Helles as soon as I see it around as well.


Punky Pete

New design up for sale on my Society 6 store. For a limited time you can get free shipping and $5.00 off any item! Check out the link here:

punkheadpeter punkheadpetergreen punkheadpeterred

The deal only lasts until April 13th so make your purchases soon! You can get this on all kinds of items like prints, tote bags and pillows.

Death Comes Ripping

I was listening to the Misfits a couple nights ago and Death Comes Ripping came on. I put this illustration together, the song always reminded me of some kind of a winged death swooping down. I put the design up on my shop. You can buy it on all kinds of things like pillows/shirts etc. There is also FREE SHIPPING until August 10th at midnight!


Cutting skateboards in half!

death comes


Two new things I did in the past week. I had an old skateboard laying around so I cut it in half and made both of these. I was really happy with the cuts, I used a table saw and then sanded down the edges. Death Comes Ripping is the name of a Misfits song. Hotel Bella Muerte is just something I thought up, kinda sounds like Hotel California.

Pink Skull

Click to view larger
A pink skull painting I did on a block of carved wood.
It was a gift for one of my wife’s friends.
Mixed Media

Getting Sad (364)

Besides that shameless self promotion I also finished the fiend skull I had been working on.

I couldn’t get my scanner to pick it up the way I wanted. I think because I already clear coated it with an acrylic spray.
1 more day to go!