Stale as Hell

Samuel Adams just released a new beer called Fresh as Helles and it looks eerily similar to my illustration for Conshohocken Brewing Company I did over a year ago. Here is the new Sam Adams beer:


My friends who brought it to my attention swear its a total rip off, I myself don’t really have an opinion. It seems super strange to me and I certainly feel that the design/art is not Fresh as Hell, but thats about it. I mean, it could be that someone got the idea from my illustration or it could be that someone just had a similar idea roughly a year after Blood Money came out, no way to really ever know. Either way, the Universe is strange.


Either way, Blood Money is coming back out real soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of that super tasty juice!!! I’m gonna try Fresh as Helles as soon as I see it around as well.


Ghost Bear!

Hi Everybody,

I did 4 more labels for Conshohocken Brewing Company. One can and three bottles.

I did the artwork for Ghost Bear and all of the artwork/design for My Sweet Shadow, Ten Ton Hammer and Locust Star.

Here are some of my favorite photos of Ghost Bear from UnTapped.

Here are a couple of the bottle labels as well. I am super proud of the fonts. Everything except for the barcodes(when used) are hand done.



See you guys soon!




Pizza Party!

pizza party pillow

It’s a Pizza Party! If you like Pizza and parties this would probably make an awesome throw pillow for your couch! Luckily for you it is for sale with a bunch of other things over at Society 6, here is the link to my store with free shipping! There is a promo running until AUGUST 10th at MIDNIGHT in which you can get free shipping!

Take a look at some of the other awesome stuff I have for sale:

stuffforsale stuffforsale2

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled cause I will be adding stuff all the time!

Thanks for checking it out!





Greyboy’s in Havertown has a bunch of my artwork for sale. All these skulls are actually gone already, a long time ago. But there are a ton more to chose from at the shop! (I didn’t post the stuff I have at the shop because I have posted all of it as I completed it on this page anyway).

Here is the shop info:

Greyboy’s Havertown

2411 W Darby Rd, Havertown, PA 19083

Go check out the shop, its an awesome place with a ton of great stuff for sale.

Ska Ska Ska

Made these two quick drawings up so that I can make some prints out of them.
Once I get these printed up and framed I’ll post more pictures up here.

Third Eye Not Blind (361)

Today I drew this skull. I’m already thinking a lot about Halloween and its not even till next month. Well, here is today’s drawing. It was a quick little drawing, but I drew it because I was already working on a skull piece from earlier in the day and I wanted to keep drawing skulls!

Here is what I started working on today, it is a Misfits fiend skull on a piece of a green hardcover book. When it is finished I will post the finished piece as well.

Yeah, and I still have no idea what I’m gonna do for my last drawing. I wanted it to be something huge and epic, but now I’m thinking just the fact that I am going to complete this project is pretty huge in and of itself. Because of that I do have a bit of an idea for something simple and to the point. I can’t wait, 365 days in a row of drawing has been a ton of fun but I’m ready to focus more on other things!