Among the Thugs

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I’m about halfway through finished reading the book Among the Thugs by Bill Buford. It is a book about football clubs in England. It’s a very fun read so far and I felt like taking a break and drawing up something. I drew a bunch of fans at the game carrying on and drinking beer. Here are some reviews of the book I found on Amazon:

“A grotesque, horrifying, repellent and gorgeous book; A Clockwork Orange come to life.” —John Gregory Dunne

“An important, perhaps prophetic, book … both exciting and sad at the core…. [Buford is] a superbly talented reporter.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Brilliant … one of the most unnerving books you will ever read.” —Newsweek

Like Michael Herr or Ryszard Kapuscinski, Buford has witnessed events which can only be compared in intensity to those of a war … an unflinching look into the festering soul of England … a fuckin’ great read.” —David Byrne

Animated, witty, and so pungent you can taste the stale lager.” —Washington Post Book World