The Shoal (and a Mario 3 and Megaman comic)

Recently I drew the character “The Shoal” from Timesplitters 3: Future perfect (I think he’s from Timesplitters 2 also). I made it in photoshop, I think it turned out really good:

I have also been working on a new comic about the N.E.S. classic Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse. I’m about 10 pages in so far and its turning out pretty good. Here are samples from two of the pages:

Since I’m talking about comics I will also list my two previous video game related comics. They were featured a few places (such as Capcom Unity). The easiest place to access them is from the page. I made them for that page so I think they are viewed the best on that website anyway. Here are the links:

Comic number one”Mario 3″

Comic number two”Megaman”

I warn you, the Megaman comic is almost 30 pages long (The Mario 3 one is only 10 though), so make sure you have some time to read when you click on them.