At the fork in the road I split myself into two…

I feel like I have been neglecting this website and unfortunately it is true… the fact that I have both this website and my pen and marker website that I try to keep running (even though I finished my 365 days of drawing a while back) sometimes I’m not sure which page to post things to. On top of that that I also started a Tumblr page called Mega 8 just for my video game related artwork, so it ends up being a lot of work to keep up with everything that I have going on(but I still love working on all of the sites that I run). Oh well… I will make up for it by updating you with some of the things that I have been up to lately.

First, tonight my wife and I donated artwork to a great cause. We donated to the Music for the Arts Benefit that is held in our hometown. You can read all about the night here.

I also had the honor of being part of the Megaman Boss Battle Tribute which is happening currently online and in March in San Francisco at Gauntlet Gallery.
There are a ton of awesome artists involved in the show (including Ashley Davis who is one of my favorites). You can check out the Megaman Boss Battle here.

Here is my piece from the show, Copy X from the Megaman Zero series.
I decided to take Copy X in a direction that I didn’t think everyone would expect. I think all in all it turned out pretty awesome.

I have also been working with a super awesome company who we all know and love who rents out movies. Its just in the planning stages and kind of supposed to be kept under wraps but I can’t wait till the project comes to completion so that I can share the end result.

Music for the Arts

My wife and I donated a bunch of art for the Music for the Arts Benefit that is held each year in our home town.

From the website: “The Music For The Arts Concert and Benefit held each year is dedicated to the life and memory of Christina Marie Cullen. She was a gifted photographer, artist and musician who had her life taken by breast cancer. She was only 25 when she was diagnosed and passed away at the young age of 28. We hold this concert in her honor and hope to inspire future photographers, artists and musicians to keep creating as she had.
Proceeds from the concert will go toward an award in her name to University of the Arts for Photography. Additional proceeds will be donated towards breast cancer research and awareness in her name.”

This is the first year that I had donated for this great event. I had met the guy who runs the Benefit this past year and he is a super nice guy, who also happened to be Christina’s brother. I hope to be able to donate something for them to raffle off every year going forward.

Here are some photos of the artwork we donated and the tickets piling up:

Unfortunatly we were both feeling a little under the weather and couldn’t make it out to the event. I had people I know who were there send me those two photos. It makes me happy to see that there was an interest in our paintings and that we could help out someone who is doing such a great thing.

Here is a clearer photo of the skulls that I painted before they were sent off to be donated:

If you would like to find out more about Music for the Arts please check out their website.

What I’ve been up to

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site. If you follow any of my other blogs you may have seen some of these already, and if so I apologize. I finished my sketchbook for The Brooklyn Art Library‚Äôs Sketchbook Project 2013. I am dropping it in the mail tomorrow. You can check out their website @
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Here are a couple of other things that I have done for either Poogletsauce or Penandmarker.


Illustration by Pat Henzy

Something I drew up for my Tumblr,
I’m gonna be making a couple of prints of these soon, so I’ll post those up as well.

Second Opinion: Silent Hill: Downpour

Illustration by Pat Henzy

I read a lot of bad reviews about Silent Hill: Downpour… but every now and then I would run into a review that mentioned how much better than Silent Hill: Homecoming it was. Well, I loved Homecoming so when the game finally went down to under $20.00 at Gamestop I picked up a copy for Xbox 360. I’m only about halfway through the game right now so I can’t really review it, but I can say that I am totally enjoying the game. The game itself feels like a movie to me. Wandering around on the streets reminds me a lot of the original game. The camera angles bring back the “good old days” for me and remind me of what the Resident Evil games where trying to do back then. So far I have run into a ton of fun stuff. At two points so far I have fallen and found myself riding a deadly water slide where spikes and all kinds of things are trying to kill me, it is very reminiscent of the scene in Goonies when they have pretty much the exact same thing happen to them. There are a good amount of “Esher” like disorienting effects as well, look up and see endless staircases that twist and turn and wait…what’s that? Another room on the ceiling complete with a TV couch and table. Wow! The camera sways and pulsates during certain scenes and gives the game a very Nightmare on Elm Street fell. Exploartion is fun but can get a little slow at points, but every time the game feels like it is about to slow down you can except a chase scene in which a glowing orb (a portal to the afterlife?) chases you and tries to suck you in. Yes… the monsters aren’t as cool as in previous games, sometimes the load times are brutal and there are a few frame rate issues when too many enemies are on screen but the game is pretty damn fun other than those few issues. Combat feels about the same as in previous Silent Hill games, but then again combat isn’t really the main focus of the game. I am having a ton of fun playing the game right now and for under $20.00 I can’t help but recommend the game to anyone that prefers their games to contain a bit of old school fun and a couple of scares along the way.