300th post! (300)

I drew todays drawing with my left hand, except for the first panel in which I’m saying that I’m gonna start drawing with my left hand. My hand doesn’t actually hurt, but I thought it would make for a slightly humorous comic. I was gonna have myself talking to Abe Lincoln but then last minute I changed it into this skeleton guy, I probably should have drawn Abe though (Oh well). I am excited that I have reached 300 days of drawing, like I’ve said before this has been a ton of fun but I’d like to devote more of my time to more lengthy projects and doing a drawing a day no matter how small really does cut into my other work. I only have 65 more days to go!

Ash (139)

To finish off the week I drew Ash from Evil Dead with my left hand. Here is the last left handed drawing(at least for awhile).

Left handed tiger (137)

Today I drew a Tiger’s head, I made this with my left hand:

I am having a ton of fun drawing with my left hand and plan to do a drawing with my left hand every so often even when this week is through.
I was still in the mood to draw a tiger after making this for a buddy’s blog earlier in the week:

Click here to go to Jon’s blog.

Thor (135)

Today I sat down and drew Thor, with my left hand…

I know Thor doesn’t have a belt buckle with a lightning bolt, but my Thor does.