Meow Mix

I really liked the cat that I drew today so I sat down on my computer and did a little more with him. Here is what I turned out:

I also threw both of my websites on the bottom of the thing. I tried to go for a whole 90’s Nicktoons look, I always loved Klasky Csupo and all the stuff they put out.
Anyway, hope you like it!

Time for beer? (315)

This past Saturday I was introduced to a new Brewery by my friend Pat Woods. I went with my wife, my brother in law, my friend Pat and his girlfriend. Other than Iron Hill there wasn’t really a local brewery in our area, well not until Tired Hands set up shop. I was a little worried about not liking the place at first because I heard that their food options were very limited. However, after I got there and started drinking I found their food options to be pretty awesome. We tried the Duck Prosciutto and the Sopressata. Both choices were awesome. We also had two of their sandwiches, the Hammy Mammy Sammy(a ham and cheese sandwich) and the Lancaster Bologna and cheese. Both were pretty amazing, much better than I am making them sound (go read the description on their menu page and you’ll see what I mean). Ok, lets talk about their beer now. It is great F’n beer! I tried their Hop Hands, Lil’ Lady, Hellcurse, and their A Long Way (to brew) an IPA. They are all very drinkable and tasty beers but I eventually settled on Hop Hands and had a couple more. I regret that I didn’t get to try their Hop-A-Tact which is named in honor of the Philadelphia punk rock band Kid Dynamite. I didn’t see it on the list at the time though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I’m gonna go back and get a growler of it this week.

I loved Tired Hands so much I decided to draw this as a sort of Thank You to the brewery for making such awesome beer. They probably really did have tired hands after serving us beer all night!

The good guys (311)

I read an article today about how Christian Bale visited the victims in the hospital. It made me really like the guy a lot. Here is the article that I read. It really bothered me that someone could go into a theatre and do something like the gunman had done. Two of the things that I have loved for my entire life have been going to movie theaters and Batman. The gunman really ruined both of these for me. I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, and sadly if this hadn’t occurred I would have seen the movie by now. Last Friday I posted a drawing of Batman and left out saying anything about this tragedy, but I really had a hard time putting my anger and frustration about the event to words. How someone could desecrate the idea of what Batman has always stood for and take innocent lives eluded me. It hurt, and it still does. It is nice to know that there are good people out there as well and it was very nice of Mr. Bale to do what he did. Christian Bale is a good guy, but of course the real heroes were the police/emergency responders. This morning I drew this picture of Christian Bale:

I decided that it didn’t look quite right so I decided to do a bit more with it on my computer. Here is what I turned out:

Getting up (310)

Originally, “getting up” meant to sucessfully hit a train. Now it means to hit up anything, anywhere, with any form of graffiti, from a tag all the way up to a wildstyle burner — although the term implies the process of tagging repeatedly to spread your name. Tagging something once would be getting up, but would not make you an “up” writer.
I found the definition of getting up on the website

What are we watching tonight? (309)

It’s Tuesday, and that means my buddy Josh is hosting another movie night! I really should go more often than I do, it is a really cool thing that he does. Each Tuesday a bunch of people meet up at his house and we all watch a movie (and most of the time we order chinese food). My dog woke me up at 3 this morning and since I couldn’t get back to sleep I drew this:

Without color I felt that it didn’t really depict my buddy Josh as well as it could so I took about an hour or so and turned this out:

I wonder what we will be watching tonight?