Blueberries (278)

I ate some blueberries for lunch today so I decided to draw them.
They don’t look correct without the blue though… so here is a quick photoshop color job on them too…

Strawberry (263)

My wife and her family joined a fruit co-op this summer. So far I haven’t been too happy with the amount of food it has yielded but the quality has been great. This week we received organic strawberries from a local farm. Today at work during my lunch break I drew one of them.

Here it is again after I threw it into Photoshop and colored it.

Pizza man (221)

Here is my drawing for tonight. I really could go for a nice greasy plain cheese pizza right now, with a beer! Maybe I’ll get one tommorow for dinner. Anyway, I keep trying to get my new computer to match what the old one got when it scanned drawings (its the same scanner). The white background looks better now (other than the crease in the center of the page of this drawing, but thats not the scanner/computer’s fault. But the marker looks off now. Oh well, I’ll try upping the saturation a bit for tomorrows scan.